Apr 30

004: JJ Virgin on Small Changes for Getting Healthier as You Age

It’s hard not to know who JJ Virgin is. She is a celebrity nutritionist, Fitness Hall of Famer, 4-time NYT best-selling author, has a popular podcast, and is an amazing mom. JJ is also a prominent TV and media personality, appearing on Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, The Rachael Ray Show, Access Hollywood, and the TODAY Show.

JJ Virgin teaches clients how to break through food and carb intolerances, so they can finally lose the weight to transform their health and their lives.

Her latest book, Warrior Mom, shows mothers everywhere how to be strong, positive leaders for their families.

JJ joins me today on Straight-Up Wellness to talk about what she’s been up to lately and also how to ensure that you’re doing everything right to get healthier as you age.

JJ is one of the people that millions of people look to for guidance, and not only does she walk the walk, but she’s also maintained both her passion and love for wellness over decades of practice.

JJ Virgin on Reversing the Trends and Getting Healthier Day by Day:

  • What happens to our metabolism as we age – and how to reverse it
  • Why having “normal” thyroid function isn’t good enough – what you should be aiming for
  • Figuring out the small foods you’re eating every day that cause leaky gut and other issues
  • How to properly test for adrenal issues
  • How to make sure you don’t lose muscle mass and bone density as you age
  • Mindset and how simple things like overusing your phone can drive chronic stress that leads to countless health issues
  • The problem with food sensitivity testing
  • Finding your purpose and why it’s critical for your health

Featured Guest

JJ Virgin


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Apr 23

003: Dr. Adam Nally on The Keto Cure for Obesity, Heart Disease, and Low Energy

Dr. Adam Nally is perhaps best known as “Doc Muscles” – the name of his website and a reference to the fact that he transformed his own body through weight training and keto nutrition.

Dr. Adam Nally is a physician and obesity specialist, and founder of Nally Family Practice in Surprise, AZ. In his practice, Dr. Adam Nally provides a distinctly individualized ketogenic, low-carbohydrate, and/or Paleo lifestyle combined with a cutting edge medical approach.

Dr. Nally is the former co-host of the Keto Talk podcast with Jimmy Moore, and most recently collaborated with Jimmy to write “The Keto Cure: A Low Carb High Fat Dietary Solution to Heal Your Body and Optimize Your Health”.

Dr. Nally recently published his new book The Keto Cure, where Dr. Nally explores both the science and practice of using a keto diet to transform the health of patients in a variety of ways.

”Doc Muscles” on Transforming Your Health with a Keto Diet:

  • How and why traditional obesity treatment fails
  • Why Keto works – particularly for patients who’ve had a hard time losing weight previously
  • The Most Surprising Benefits of a Keto Diet
  • The 5 Stages of Insulin Resistance
  • Cholesterol – Why you should be thinking about it differently
  • Hypothyroidism and how Keto can help
  • Avoiding Heart Disease
  • Getting to the root causes rather than just treating symptoms

Featured Guest

Dr. Adam Nally


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Apr 16

002: Kelly Olexa on Overcoming Poor Self-Talk and Body Image

Kelly Olexa is the creator of Fitfluential (the podcast and community).

Kelly Olexa has gone from burnt-out corporate employee to founder of a wellness community, FitFluential and the FitFluential podcast.

Her goal is to help others “find your fitness” by presenting fact-based information delivered by industry experts on all forms of fitness, nutrition, and wellness.

I’ve been following Kelly for years, and you should be listening as well. While Kelly resides in Austin, TX, her message is being delivered to more than 300 million people worldwide via her website, podcast, and the FitFluential ambassadors.

Kelly is both inspiring and authentically refreshing in her openness about how she’s built a company and life that support her own wellness and that of millions of people.

Kelly Olexa on Body Image, Self-Talk, Birth Control, & Avoiding Fads…

  • Yo-Yo dieting
  • Body Dysmorphia
  • Her personal health issues
  • How to get fit without spending 2 hours a day in the gym or kitchen
  • Getting past fads and bad information
  • Staying healthy without going insane from being too busy
  • The best places to start on your journey toward better health and happiness
  • Negative self-talk, work stress, and poor body-image: how these issues cause hidden unhealthiness
  • Mindset & how to approach your life less fear and insecurity
  • The hidden dangers of birth control
  • How to better interpret your blood work

Featured Guest

Kelly Olexa


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Apr 09

001: Autumn Calabrese on Doing Your Best, Dealing with Picky Eaters, and Simplifying Your Life

Autumn Calabrese is a celebrity trainer and certified holistic health coach. She is the creator of several highly popular fitness and nutrition programs, including the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Country Heat, and 80 Day Obsession.

Autumn authored the best-selling cookbook, “Fixate”, and stars in the Fixate cooking show next to her brother. Autumn is a busy mom who recently made time to create another fantastic eCookbook, “75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids”.

Autumn is the perfect first guest for Straight-Up Wellness because she really lives a life of wellness as a busy woman. And she helps her clients with everything from exercise to nutrition to taking care of your kids, to happiness.

Today, we really connected about kids and about making eating (for you and your family) easier and more accessible.

I had a blast with this first episode, and I know you’ll love it.

In this episode superstar and “super-mom” Autumn Calabrese talks about:

  • The biggest challenges busy moms face when it comes to their OWN health
  • Doing your best without stressing out
  • Dealing with kids (and spouses) who are picky eaters
  • The best ways to stay healthy with the least amount of effort
  • Staying sane and healthy while traveling
  • Taking time for yourself without feeling guilty about it
  • Spending less time in the kitchen while still preparing amazing food
  • How to get your family to WANT to take care of their own body
  • Best on-the-go foods for busy families

Featured Guest

Autumn Calabrese


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