175: Frank Kilpatrick on Experiencing Gratitude to Empower Your Daily Life

Aug 23

Inspired by a recent trip down the Nile River to “The Birthplace of Civilization”, songwriter Frank Kilpatrick created the Gratitude series of meditation videos. He created lyrics for all songs in the Gratitude suite and oversaw video and music production.

Frank has written numerous songs in exploratory, harmonic and romantic genres that are available for licensing. Recently he created “Stay Alive” – a 90-minute Suicide Prevention video podcast.

In this episode, Frank Kilpatrick talks about:

  • A transformative trip down the Nile
  • Finding gratitude during caregiving
  • A multi-sensory approach to meditation
  • The science of mindfulness
  • Different ways meditation can look
  • Health benefits of meditation and relaxation
  • Immersion and valuing the riches of the positive
  • An example track from his gratitude meditation podcast
  • When to meditate
  • Cultivating a gratitude practice
  • Incorporating gratitude and meditation into daily life
  • Stay Alive: a suicide prevention video podcast
  • Gratitude meditation podcast and videos

Featured Guest

Frank Kilpatrick


Frank’s Website
Stay Alive suicide prevention video

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