169: Cedric Bertelli on Resolving Emotional Difficulties

Jul 12

Cedric Bertelli is the Founder and Director of the Emotional Health Institute (EHI), an organization that provides information and education about Emotional Resolution, or EmRes.

EHI gives people struggling with stress, depression, anxiety, and many other negative emotions access to the best-trained professionals who can guide them to resolve disruptive emotional patterns. EHI has taught thousands of adults how to resolve their emotional difficulties.

In the San Francisco Bay area alone, over 200 teachers were trained to use Emotional Resolution with children thanks to the Institute’s collaboration with Dedication Special Education and the Marin County Office of Education.

Cedric began to study and research the Emotional Resolution (EmRes) process in 2009 in his home country of France and has developed his understanding of emotional functioning and his craftsmanship of EmRes throughout the years.

In addition to training mental health professionals, coaches, and educators on Emotional Resolution, Cedric also works with clients individually. He is passionate about helping people across the world resolve their emotional difficulties, and he looks forward to sharing information about Emotional Resolution with listeners.

In this episode, Cedric Bertelli talks about:

  • Cedric’s personal story
  • What is emotional resolution
  • The origin of emotions
  • What is trauma
  • Self conscious
  • Body keeps the memory
  • How we change emotions
  • Resolving emotional difficulties
  • Feeling the emotions
  • How to help kids regulate emotions
  • Taking care of yourself first

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Cedric Bertelli


Emotional Health Institute

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