167: Rocky Haire & Valerie Maclin on How to Get Lean for Life

Jun 28

Rocky Haire & Valerie Maclin are the founders of SKINNY, a comprehensive weight loss program that is truly unique among other programs that claim to help their clients lose weight. Just as unique is Rocky and Valerie’s path to founding SKINNY.

Rocky is a practicing personal injury attorney and Valerie is a personal trainer and a nutritionist. Rocky was inspired by a noticeable change in Valerie’s appearance due to a new diet regimen that she had been trying out. He decided to try it himself and experienced the same noticeable results. They were both so impressed with how they looked and felt that they wanted to help others see the same success. And out of that, SKINNY was born.

Valerie and Rocky have created a program that goes far beyond the average diet plan. For example, Valerie helps clients get a true understanding of what their ideal weight should be and how to achieve that goal with a specific tailored eating plan for each individually.

The accountability clients receive is a game changer, and they even offer free maintenance to their clients for life because they are truly dedicated to helping people not only lose weight, but to keep it off. SKINNY is a complete lifestyle overhaul and Valerie and Rocky offer the support needed to help their clients succeed.

In this episode, Rocky Haire & Valerie Maclin talks about:

  • How Rocky and Valerie know each other
  • The weight loss world
  • What is the weight loss plan-Skinny?
  • Collapsing fat mass
  • Why liposuction is not the answer
  • What is visceral fat
  • What happens after you reach your goal weight
  • How to travel with Skinny foods
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Metabolic age
  • Drivers of inflammation
  • First step to losing weight
  • Winding they battle over food
  • Favorite go to meals
  • Best place to find

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Rocky Haire & Valerie Maclin


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