166: Daniel Kennedy on 5 Ways to Add Healthy Years to Your Life

Jun 21

Daniel E. Kennedy is a healthcare executive, counselor, author, and filmmaker. His passion for disease prevention was ignited professionally while working with thousands of cancer patients, and personally, by witnessing cancer and heart disease-related deaths of his grandmother, uncle, aunt, and father.

His philosophy is simple – it’s not good enough to live a long sick life when there’s the opportunity to live a healthy long life.

Through the process of writing and ghostwriting 15 books on cancer and heart health, Daniel honed the skills necessary to create, write and direct the 8-episode Healthy Long Life documentary series. His relationships with researchers and clinicians, developed over the last three decades, have. given him access to the world’s top experts on healthy life expectancy.

In this episode, Daniel Kennedy talks about:

  • Daniel’s family cancer story
  • Politics of cancer
  • Gap between research and average citizens
  • Long life vs Healthy Long Life
  • Turning off bad genes with nutrition
  • 5 ways to add healthy years to your life
  • Medicine does not promote health
  • Food factors
  • Connection with others
  • Brain and body connection
  • Foods turning off or on bad genes
  • Smoking
  • Cooking with Daniel on the app
  • Healthy Long Life documentary

Featured Guest

Daniel Kennedy


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