165: Gregory Landsman on Stressing Less for Beauty and Wellness

Jun 14

Gregory Landsman is one of the most noted global beauty and wellness experts in the world, a best-selling author of nine books, and a TV host who specializes in using food to take years off the face naturally.

Often referred to as ‘The Beauty Advisor’, Gregory’s books and global TV program Face Lifting Food show viewers how to create quick skin-boosting meals and powerful skin treatments using everyday foods to achieve younger, healthier-looking skin at any age.

Having worked in the beauty industry for 30+ years Gregory believes that looking youthful goes well beyond waging war on wrinkles, and that how we age is 100% controllable. His natural methods are used globally by models, shown in universities, and recommended by doctors.

Gregory is a strong voice for inclusion. His first book, The Balance of Beauty: Explodes the Body Myth captured his journey of extremes; from Apartheid South Africa to working at the height of the fashion industry, and his fundamental discovery that regardless of what we do, how we look cannot be separated from how we feel.

In this episode, Gregory Landsman talks about:

  • Stress’s effect on the skin
  • Looking good and feeling good
  • The skin never lies
  • Face fitness
  • How to lower stress hormones
  • Why you should eat more onions
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Power of breath
  • Setting your body in a rest and digest setting
  • Dangers of cutting our food groups
  • The effects of dehydration
  • Prepare your body to sleep
  • Topical ways to help your skin
  • Using simple techniques to nourish the skin
  • Beauty is felt with the heart
  • Multitasking
  • Power of thought and imagination
  • Morning routine
  • Making peace with the past

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Gregory Landsman


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