164: Tracee Gluhaich on Self-Care, Connection, Healing, and Growth

Jun 07

Tracee Gluhaich is an Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer. She is passionate about fitness, food, and inspiring women to ditch the quick fix and commit to lasting lifestyle changes. To seek strong, not skinny, to find health, not a number on the scale, to be fit, not a jean size.

After watching her father suffer with heart disease and cancer and her mom suffer from depression and Alzheimer’s disease, she became determined to change her genetic trajectory. She is now sharing the evidence-based approach to healthy living that empowered her to regain control of her health, with women around the world.

Her mission is to help women over 50 age stronger by burning fat, boosting energy and being strong in 90 days without going hungry or living in the gym.

Tracee is also the founder of Healthy Hope, a non-profit organization that helps widowed women improve their health, strength, and confidence.

In this episode, Tracee Gluhaich talks about:

  • Tracee’s non profit organization
  • Tracee’s supportive FB groups
  • Reconnective healing
  • Different levels of self care
  • Filling your love cup
  • Finland study of saunas
  • Favorite growth books
  • Effects of medication
  • How to connect with Tracee
  • Sensitive areas when working out
  • Why we need connection

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Tracee Gluhaich


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