158: Holly Katz on Dressing for Success

Apr 26

If you’re great at a lot of things, but fashion just isn’t one of them, then life just got a whole lot easier for you. Personal stylist, Holly Katz moves people just like you from feeling fearful to feeling fabulous.

Holly’s clients consider her their “style coach”, cheering them on while they elevate their style. Armed with a deep knowledge of garment construction and a witty repartee, clients immediately feel at ease throughout the process – from style assessment, closet clean-out to shopping trips. Holly empowers people to prioritize themselves for once.

Holly’s career in New York City fashion and clothing production made her an expert in garment construction and design. A relocation to Atlanta led to regular television appearances as one of the top stylists in the south.

In addition to personal styling, Holly is a popular public speaker and works with corporations on educating their employees about dress codes and the best business casual practices. Her newest endeavor brings her to podcasting with the all-new Fashion Crimes Podcast where she showcases her talent by giving free fashion advice, inspiration and humor.

In this episode, Holly Katz talks about:

  • Lifestyle is more casual now
  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • What is your block
  • Your laundry routine
  • Dressing well is a life skill
  • Teaching our children this life skill
  • Society is superficial
  • Take the time to see which item you like
  • Be selfish with your time
  • What is your body type
  • Good fitting bra
  • Your clothes need to lay properly
  • Cost per wear
  • Dress for what you want to achieve
  • It’s never about the clothes
  • Get rid of things you don’t like
  • Financial block
  • How to work with Holly

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Holly Katz


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