155: Joe Bernstein on Drop the Armor and Create a LIT UP Life

Apr 05

Joe Bernstein is fully committed to your growth and evolution.

He is often described as bold, powerful, passionate, and compassionate.

As a coach, he works with highly motivated individuals to create anything from deeper intimate relationships to healthier lifestyles and mission-focused increases in income. He knows through personal experience and his professional work that human beings are capable of extraordinary transformation.

Joe has spent the last 15 years coaching, training, developing, and empowering thousands of people. First as a sales manager for Bose Corporation where he worked his way up to running multi-million dollar businesses in his mid-twenties. Then he created his own private coaching practice to liberate his life and live his mission of creating an empowered world of transformation through teaching, inspiring, and coaching.

Through a 14 year career in leadership, losing 150 lbs, thriving after a divorce, ending a successful career, and then building his own practice, Joe learned that we must develop who we are at the deepest levels and focus on our mindset as much, if not more than our skill set if we want long term change and a life we love.

In this episode, Joe Bernstein talks about:

  • Joe’s scarcity and fear-based childhood
  • Toxic marriage
  • Insatiable desire to learn after his breakup
  • Focus on high quality foods instead of dieting
  • Study in mind-body nutrition
  • The importance of getting clear on your values
  • Outside factors are the tipping point of your weight
  • Biggest fear of men
  • Emotional fluency
  • Creation over consumption
  • Drop the armor dojo
  • Recommended reading

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Joe Bernstein


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