154: Jack Stafford on Mastering the Mind for Health and Wellness

Mar 29

Jack Stafford has always been a documentary songwriter – a modern-day troubadour – writing non-fiction songs always with a goal to either instruct, educate or maintain a historical record.

Now with Podsongs – his new podcast project – he is taking this a step further. Three times a week he interviews inspirational people and creates a song based on their story and their work.

His last album ‘Deeper’ was a series of self-help songs that will help people get perspective on the current Corona crisis. The songs are inspired by his own life experiences and mental struggles, from a toyboy lifestyle in Amsterdam that led to a breakdown after his fashion business failed, to living as a nomadic troubadour, visiting 45 countries by bicycle and playing over 700 house concerts in return for a place to sleep.

He developed through all these experiences, countless self-help books and podcasts, and Vipassana meditation. His Self-Help project is the middle piece in a trilogy of Body, Mind, Spirit albums. The Body was tackled with his Ayurveda songs.

Jack lives in seclusion in the South of Italy. When not making music, he is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, meditation teacher, Acroyoga dilettante, permaculture gardener, touring cyclist, student of metaphysics, and Italian representative of The Aetherius Society.

In this episode, Jack Stafford talks about:

  • Jack’s struggles
  • How to know you need a reset
  • Fixing the body then the mind
  • What is Ayurveda
  • Eating seasonally
  • Why keto is good in the spring
  • Why raw food diet is good in the summer
  • Positive effects of prayer and mantras
  • 10 days of silence
  • How emotions shape our bodies
  • Balancing your systems
  • Karma yoga

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Jack Stafford


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