147: Kristen Bowen on Laying the Foundation for Good Health

Feb 08

It took a complete health crash to lead Kristen Bowen to create Living the Good Life Naturally in 2002.

Autoimmune issues and a series of failed surgeries left Kristen bedridden and depressed, with daily seizures. Through research and looking for outside the box solutions, she discovered that to regain her health she needed to build a strong foundation.

That foundation included food as medicine and the number one building block for optimal health: Magnesium. She discovered that oral magnesium was not effective and began using liquid magnesium as a foot soak, finding that the body could utilize it more effectively.

As Kristen’s health improved, she began to research and create natural bath and body products for herself, family, and friends with skin sensitivities. She began sharing her knowledge as she researched and found clean sources of whole food supplements and minerals. She never intended to start a business, but friends offered to pay her for her products and advice. Living the Good Life Naturally was created.

Starting with one-on-one consultations with clients, to farmers markets for the bath and body line, Kristen’s business quickly moved from the small kitchen and extra bedroom in her home to a retail space in Logan, Utah.

She hosted a Rocky Mountain Regional radio show for seven years where she answered questions on natural health. This led to workshops and keynote opportunities at natural health conferences. This quickly led to needing a full-time team for production, dealing with marketing, running the retail shop, and a multitude of things that it takes to run a business.

From small beginnings in her 10 by 15 basement kitchen to her warehouse, store, and online business, Kristen has helped thousands of individuals reclaim their own health foundation. As she tells her clients: “You are the CEO of your health. Let me be on your board of directors.”

In this episode, Kristen Bowen talks about:

  • Kristen’s story with autoimmune diseases and seizures
  • Why not all magnesium is created equally
  • The differences between liquid and solid magnesium
  • How to move your red blood cells
  • What to look for in a magnesium product
  • How often to soak in magnesium
  • How to test blood cell saturation
  • Getting optimal blood numbers
  • How long to soak in magnesium
  • Why soaking through your feet is the best way to soak
  • Are epsom salts just as good?
  • Thyroid and your personality
  • Change your magnesium burn rate
  • Gratitude practice
  • Where our bath bomb ingredients come from

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Kristen Bowen


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