144: Jessica Barberry on Taking the Struggle Out of School

Jan 18

Jessica Barberry is an educational professional skilled in functional behavior assessment and positive behavior support. She is a proven innovator in her teaching environment with The DesignED Thinking School, an educational platform devoted to individualized, passion-based learning.

Jessica believes seamless technology integration is the key to inclusionary practices, unlocking the door of differentiation for learners of all levels. She is a master teacher who has dedicated her career to providing transformative educational experiences for students under her guidance.

In this episode, Jessica Barberry talks about:

  • How Kate and Jessica met
  • The struggle with education
  • The issue with so much homework
  • Most powerful tool every parent has in their toolbox
  • Connection before content
  • The real purpose of homework
  • Children should understand why they are learning
  • Adult struggles around subjects
  • Passion based learning
  • The gift of understanding
  • Fear or lack of connection with distance learning
  • Student led conferences
  • Using virtual reality in education
  • Space to add in extra curricular activities
  • Negative impact with the loss of recess
  • Recommendations for setting up a learning environment
  • Feeling equipped as a parent teacher
  • Trusting teachers to care for their students
  • Looking into tutoring and homeschooling

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Jessica Barberry


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