141: Terrie Lewine on Improve Your Relationships and Foster Connection

Dec 21

Terrie Lewine says, “I LOVE my work! It is a direct reflection of my commitment to life, to my community, to the people I know, and to those, I work with. My job is to stimulate confidence, passion, and skills for anyone to have the life they say they want.

Originally receiving my doctorate in chiropractic care my education includes a great deal of science, understanding how biochemistry, physiology, and neurology impact our capacity to relate well to each other. I have always been interested in transformation, even when I was doing bodywork. Yet I had to dig a bit deeper into what my true interest and skills lie and that is helping people to communicate in ways that create the satisfying relationships, families, and communities we all long for.

During a deep dive into studying communication and relationship strategies, I landed on Nonviolent Communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, which serves as the foundation of the work I offer, weaving in a variety of ideas and processes that will support the shifts my clients are looking to create.”

In this episode, Terrie Lewine talks about:

  • Connection as a goal
  • Playing every card you have
  • Craving safety in communication
  • Realizing your worst fears
  • Desire to people please
  • Asking from a place of love
  • Understanding your role
  • Asking for a do-over
  • Connecting request
  • When what you say isn’t received well
  • Avoiding reactivation by staying present
  • Realizing we all want to connect and share the same fears
  • Equality in meeting needs
  • Creativity in meeting needs
  • Communication practice
  • Practice focusing on positivity and gratitude
  • Short term agreements
  • How to communicate in times of 24/7 togetherness
  • Speaking up instead of the silent treatment
  • Finding ways to listen
  • Never hearing criticism
  • Prioritizing self-discovery
  • Resolving conflict by remembering what you love
  • Needs-based communication with kids
  • Navigating our feelings in the role of a parent
  • Finding and connecting with Terrie

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Terrie Lewine


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