140: Mark England on How to Use Language to Upgrade Your Life

Dec 14

Mark England has professionally coached thousands of clients worldwide using the power of words and stories, for over a decade. He holds an BA in business and a Master’s in Education. Mark is the co-founder of Procabulary and is a lifelong personal development enthusiast.

In this episode, Mark England talks about:

  • Mark’s personal journey
  • Enlightened poop
  • Daoist philosophies
  • Emotional Detox Retreat
  • 10 minute emotional shift
  • Unanswered questions
  • The one word game
  • Getting pen to paper
  • Writing the question down
  • Speak out loud
  • Success language
  • Constructive language
  • Breathing mechanics
  • Conflict language
  • Activating stress response
  • Fixating on what you want to avoid
  • Using language and breath to hit goals
  • Low and slow breathing
  • Breath trapped in the body
  • Amygdala hijack
  • Digestive assimilation
  • Breathwork and chewing food
  • Avoiding overeating through breathwork
  • Under-chewing
  • Soft talk
  • Exercise on soft goals
  • The language of indecision
  • Soft talk keywords
  • People pleasing is selfish
  • Feeling fantastic saying “no”
  • Victim mentality
  • Current definition of identity is dead wrong
  • Taking responsibility and empowering change
  • Creating lasting shifts
  • Belief systems
  • Taking the next step in your language
  • Breathing through body issues

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Mark England


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