136: Hollan Hawaii on Eating to Feel Good with Plant Based Cooking

Nov 23

Hollan Hawaii is an expert in vegan plant-based food and cleanses. As a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, health advocate, former restaurant owner, and mom of three, she has worn many hats in this life, but she knows the one that matters most is her relationship with herself and her body. When those two are aligned, everything falls into place, and she can be a better mother and chef.

Hollan has been on her own health journey for 13 years and loves sharing her perspective and experience with food that led her to be in charge of her own health.

Good Food Gratitude is Hollan’s plant-based lifestyle cookbook that also encourages people to change the way to perceive healthy food. Hollan knows how much work it is to make sure you and your family are eating healthy foods, so her recipes are fast, affordable, easy, and healthy.

True to her family-friendly beach-inspired lifestyle and aesthetics, Hollan lives on the beautiful garden isle of Kauai and enjoys spending time in the kitchen, with family and friends, and in the rejuvenating waters of the Pacific Ocean.

In this episode, Hollan Hawaii talks about:

  • How Hollan chose a vegan lifestyle
  • Skinny Bitch book
  • Food guilt
  • Giving up her old life with food
  • Culinary school and food education
  • Food as a gateway to self-love
  • Veganizing recipes
  • Eating to feel good
  • Avoid eating like you’re in disease
  • Teaching kids and loved ones to eat well
  • Losing the magic of food
  • Breaking up with beliefs
  • Question what food is used for
  • What happens when you eat what your body doesn’t need
  • Body’s needs for proteins
  • Being a curvy woman
  • Self-love to have your dream life
  • Finding beauty in the smallest things
  • Self-care –> Self-love –> Self respect
  • Zoom in/Zoom out
  • A woman’s negative loop
  • Mothering yourself
  • “Good Food Gratitude” book
  • Vegan comfort foods
  • 5-day and 22-day reset
  • Connecting with Hollan

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