126: Jessica Procini on How to Cope with Emotions and Use Food for Fuel

Sep 07

Jessica Procini is an Emotional Eating Healer and the founder of Escape From Emotional Eating®. She is on a mission to help others use food as fuel rather than a way to cope, soothe, or escape their busy, stressful life.

She consciously created and specifically designed Escape From Emotional Eating from over a decade of research and her own emotional eating journey because Overeaters Anonymous didn’t resonate and therapy wasn’t enough when it came to getting help to fully end her fight with food.

Now being 100% free from her compulsions with food, she helps others do the same through all her levels of support, such as her retreats, called The ESCAPE, her year-long transformational programs and through her various public talks, events, and workshops.

Jessica has been awarded the “Top Health Coach Award” by the Institute of Psychology of Eating three years in a row and has been featured on various media outlets such as CBS, Philadelphia Magazine and MindBodyGreen just to name a few. To learn more visit Escape From Emotional Eating.

In this episode, Jessica Procini talks about:

  • Jessica’s personal journey
  • Reaching for food to escape
  • Binging on healthy foods
  • Feeling insane around food
  • Investigating relationship with food
  • 4 roots of emotional eating
  • Numbing stimulation
  • Roots of emotional eating have nothing to do with food
  • Justifying a binge because the food is “healthy”
  • Building emotional fitness
  • Emotional bicep curls
  • Untangling your physical vs emotional hunger
  • Eating foods we love while honoring our bodies
  • The emotional eating cycle
  • Dismantling coping mechanisms
  • 1 tool to use now to heal emotional eating
  • Emotional literacy
  • Identify 5 major emotions
  • Feeling safe to feel your feelings
  • Toxic positivity
  • Health means to be whole
  • Understanding the wisdom of all of our emotions
  • Healing modalities connecting to food
  • Next steps to overcoming emotional eating

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Jessica Procini


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