125: Cherie Burton on Why Strong Women Feel Lonely

Aug 31

Cherie Burton is a pioneering spiritual psychologist whose evolutionary STAND SPEAK SHINE method transforms women into authentically embodied and empowered feminine leaders. As a mother of six, author, international speaker, and host of the Women Seeking Wholeness podcast, she is passionately driven to guide women influencers to heal, express, and create, using the “new feminine leadership paradigm.” She earned her degrees in
psychology and sociology, and held group therapist positions in a psychiatric facility, a teen behavioral facility, and an addiction recovery center.

Cherie was crowned Mrs. Utah 2004 and has become a skilled mentor in speaking, beauty, and “queenly secrets,” coaching multiple females who won pageant titles. Ironically, Cherie’s close sister Shawna (a mother of five young children) took her own life during this same time. Cherie’s work as an emotional wellness expert expanded quickly, in her obsessive quest to break family patterns and crack the code on depression.

Cherie is an avid researcher and teacher of the Divine Feminine and has written and produced audios, training programs, and transformational retreats. With a keen focus on addressing the whole woman on multiple levels, she dove into Yoga Teacher Training and became a certified mind/body facilitator in the unique modality, Perfect Healing. Her unique expertise is in the science and spirituality of sensory integration.

In this episode, Cherie Burton talks about:

  • The Divine Feminine
  • Sourcing the feminine energy
  • Chakras
  • Multiple-braining
  • Digesting life experiences
  • Why strong women feel lonely
  • Our soul’s cry for stillness
  • Allowing yourself to fully feel
  • Queenly secrets
  • Putting self at the highest priority
  • Yoga and breathwork
  • New feminine leadership paradigm
  • Deep healing modalities
  • Healing is a journey
  • The two states of being
  • Multi-sensory healing
  • Keeping sensory kits in various places
  • Hydrating for healing
  • Yoga for healing
  • Finding and connecting with Cherie

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Cherie Burton


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