121: Jennifer Albright on Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

Aug 03

Jennifer Albright is a stay-at-home mom of 3. A former operations manager in the investment industry, she left corporate America 3 years ago to be at home with her kids and tend to the animals on her farm.

She raises grass-fed beef and free-range chickens. When she’s not wrangling kids or cows, she’s a Public Director for the Lebanon County Conservation District, Board member for the PA Grazing Lands Coalition, host of the podcast The Graziers Grapevine, and if we ever get to have a primary election will be running for office to be a Lebanon County Republican Committee member.

In this episode, Jennifer Albright talks about:

  • Life on a farm
  • Choosing to raise grass-fed beef
  • Difference between how grass and grain-fed beef are raised
  • Grass-finished
  • Beef marketing
  • Why grass-fed beef is more expensive
  • Land first farming
  • Why cows are given antibiotics
  • What causes the difference in color and taste in grass-fed beef
  • How cows are sold for consumption
  • Raising free-range chicken
  • The difference between farm and store-bought eggs
  • Lifespan of chickens
  • Misconceptions of farm lingo
  • Know your farmer, know your food
  • Best ways to support local farms and farmers

Featured Guest

Jennifer Albright


Goldfinch Meadows Farm
The Graziers Grapevine Podcast

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