119: Stan Esecson on Change Your Socks, Change Your Life

Jul 20

Stan Esecson is an entrepreneur and idea guy. For the past 40 years, he’s been living the dream with multiple innovative projects.

VoxxLife combines the best of modern technology with decades of research in neuromuscular science to help you achieve your wellness goals, drug-free, and without invasive treatments.

Wellness belongs to everyone.

In this episode, Stan Esecson talks about:

  • Stan’s story
  • How socks became a passion project
  • Importance of balance for the elderly
  • Neuroreceptors in feet
  • Proprioception
  • Neuroscience behind balance and movement
  • Brodmann areas of the brain
  • Change in brain activity with socks and insoles
  • Helping with autism, ADD, ADHD, PTST
  • VoxxLife Founder Jay Dhaliwal
  • Trigeminal nerve
  • Enhancing sports performance
  • Balancing during pregnancy
  • Calming effects
  • Sleeping better to prevent nighttime falls
  • Balancing in heels
  • How a pattern connects to nerve endings
  • Why the pattern resembles a fingerprint
  • How to use patterned product

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Stan Esecson


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