117: Ali Damron on Making Self-Care a Priority

Jul 06

For the last nine years, Ali Damron has run her own successful private practice as an acupuncturist. Over the last three years, she’s taken her message to the online platform to be able to reach more people by the day.

In her private acupuncture practice, Ali specializes in women’s health. The focus is on issues like painful periods, fertility, hormonal balancing, weight loss, pregnancy, and postpartum, and menopausal symptoms.

In this episode, Ali Damron talks about:

  • Mental health and hormones
  • Fighting for time for yourself
  • Setting boundaries around consumption
  • Struggling with taking a break
  • Learning to say “no”
  • The “pressure valve”
  • Intentional tears
  • Value of alone time
  • Guilt is a choice
  • Importance of creating community
  • Overcoming mom guilt
  • Removing emotional triggers
  • Asking for help without “complaining”
  • Creating a supportive conversation
  • Crying and breakdowns as a good thing
  • Things to do when frustration hits
  • Finding lessons in hard things
  • Developing a self care routine
  • Feeling good vs. feeling numb
  • Alcohol and when it could be good
  • Taking days off
  • Self check-ins
  • “Untamed” book
  • Step 1 to getting back to joy
  • Taking the action of asking
  • Confidence and worthiness
  • Types of self care

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Ali Damron


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