115: Cynthia Cummins on Our Own Sacred Spaces

Jun 22

Cynthia Cummins sells houses in San Francisco. It’s arguably the most daunting real estate market in the country, where winning a 900 sq. ft. two-bedroom condo means coughing up $1.2 million in cash and doing battle with five other buyers for that dubious honor.

It’s a pressure cooker where commerce and human emotions collide, and in her 30 years spent swimming in that soup, she has gained a lot of wisdom about the psychology of seeking shelter.

Buying or selling property is a focus for the manifestation of every desire, neurosis, dream, or value a human being can possess. And real estate is, first and foremost, about home and its deepest meaning. It’s not merely a transaction. It’s a transition. And – if you’re lucky – it offers a chance for transformation and healing.

Her popular blog Real Estate Therapy explores the rich and complex narrative behind every home sale and reveals the ideas and guidelines that can make the experience a rewarding, life-affirming journey.

In this episode, Cynthia Cummins talks about:

  • Cynthia’s journey to mindfulness
  • Home as a sanctuary
  • Using space intentionally
  • Overwhelm leading to neurosis
  • The house as a symbol for the mind
  • “Operating Instructions” book
  • Creating a calm space
  • Importance of physical touch
  • Hugging yourself when you’re alone
  • Kondo Method and Feng Shui for spiritual wellness in home
  • Balancing being over-organized
  • Kids in the kitchen
  • Spiritual practice in the kitchen
  • Focusing on tasks without distraction and with intention
  • Creating family rituals
  • Importance of each person in the home having a calm, quiet space
  • Distancing from electronics
  • The space within ourselves
  • Finding and connecting with Cynthia

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Cynthia Cummins


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