113: Matt Maruca on Sunlight for Optimal Health

Jun 08

Matt Maruca is a researcher, entrepreneur, and educator in the fields of photobiology, mitochondria, and optimal human health.

He is the Founder of Ra Optics (pronounced “Rah”), a company that teaches people about the risks of the indoor, sun-deficient, tech-based lifestyle, and creates the most effective blue light
protection lenses to mitigate its risks to help people to sleep better, think more clearly, and have the energy to succeed in everything they do.

Matt’s passion for “enlightening” others came out of his own experience with health issues at a young age. These struggles forced him to test many allopathic drugs, “alternative” treatments, and healing diets, ultimately coming to find that the science of mitochondrial medicine has clearly proven that the cause of all chronic disease is a dysfunction of the mitochondria, the cellular engines that keep us alive.

The first cause of this dysfunction is an indoor lifestyle deficient in full-spectrum sunlight, which is essential for complete metabolism, and chronic exposure to artificial lighting and tech devices that disrupt biological hormonal and sleep cycles, leading to inflammation and disease.
He is currently focused on research in the field of photobiology, the scientific study of the effects of lighting on living organisms, and on continuing to develop the world’s most effective blue light protection lenses.

In this episode, Matt Maruca talks about:

  • Matt’s health journey
  • Methods to enhance mitochondrial function
  • Outdoor lifestyle curing his issues
  • Light as the main controller of hormones
  • Sensitivity to blue light
  • Light regulating metabolism
  • Blue light and cortisol
  • Infrared essential for mitochondrial function
  • Sunlight and skin cancer
  • Sun as the base of the food chain
  • Why we’re always breathing
  • How our bodies make water
  • Efficacy of exogenous vitamin D
  • The Light Diet
  • Epigenetics
  • The foreign bacteria that makes up our bodies
  • Main controller of mitochondrial function
  • The amount of sunlight we need daily
  • Eye is the most important surface for light
  • Most important time of day for sunlight exposure
  • Importance of watching the sunrise and set
  • Sungazing
  • Going to sleep with the sun
  • How blue light blocking glasses work
  • Getting light exposure when it’s cloudy
  • Campfires and infrared saunas
  • Benefits of cold exposure
  • Reducing Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Looking directly at the sun
  • Blocking blue light in the evening
  • 8 steps of the Light Diet
  • Cultivating the inner light

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Matt Maruca


Ra Optics

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