109: Camy Kennedy on Loving Yourself to Success

May 11

Camy Kennedy is a Mindset & Life Coach who teaches perfectionists how to love themselves. With a degree in Molecular Cell Biology, and a history of trying to be perfect, Camy teaches people how self-love is the key to real success.

She’s been published in Oxygen magazine, featured on ABC11 and given women’s empowerment talks in Africa & Costa Rica, yet she shares that no achievement can make you truly love yourself. That’s up to us to do the inner work.

In this episode, Camy Kennedy talks about:

  • Practicing your potential
  • Camy’s personal story
  • Helping women overcome body issues
  • How lifestyle impacts fitness
  • Relationships as mirrors
  • Breakthroughs and breakdowns
  • Publicly sharing your struggle
  • Developing the need for perfectionism
  • Schooling and the perfectionism mindset
  • Defining what you want for yourself
  • 3 things for perfectionists
  • Creating a 10-year vision
  • Defining your values
  • 6 core values
  • Rewarding and celebrating yourself
  • Defining your potential self
  • Act “as if”
  • Mentally managing goal-setting
  • Feelings vs. achievement
  • Vision boards
  • Cultivating feelings based on what you have
  • Vibrational scale of emotions
  • Neutrality, acceptance, courage
  • Anxiety about the future; shame about the past
  • Concept of anchoring
  • InsightTimer app
  • Personalized affirmation creation
  • Self-love, worthiness, and money
  • Self-acceptance
  • Daily forgiveness practice
  • Getting “ridiculous”
  • Celebrating constantly
  • Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness
  • Creating the energy to attract what we want
  • Science of cortisol
  • Self-care routines
  • Book: The Power by Rhonda Byrne
  • Getting 1% better each day
  • Resetting your energy in 5 minutes

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Camy Kennedy


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