106: Jessee Naylor on Mastering Your Metabolism

Apr 20

Jessee Naylor is the Lead Coach at MetPro, a concierge coaching company that analyzes your metabolism and provides an individualized approach to obtaining your health goals.

Through MetPro’s tactful and personalized approach to health, Jessee and their highly-respected coaches have the ability to strategically redirect each of their clients toward achieving their greatest results.

With a high-profile client list that includes professional athletes and business leaders, it’s no wonder that MetPro has become one of the most celebrated and desired concierge health coaching services in the world.

In this episode, Jessee Naylor talks about:

  • Metabolic Profiling process
  • When your diet suddenly stops working
  • Goals for metabolic profiling
  • Specific metabolic needs
  • Considering your past nutrition
  • Figuring out your metabolic rate
  • Metabolic rate rollercoaster
  • Maximizing metabolic rate
  • Metabolic lifestyle
  • Finding your lever
  • How your body responds to different foods
  • Easing into the transition
  • Learning from the source of your body
  • Making potatoes healthy
  • Resistance starch
  • Sugar addiction
  • Importance of eating organic
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Managing meal planning for a family with different needs
  • Understanding the purpose of the scale
  • Working with women’s ever-changing hormones
  • Breaking down the side effects of menopause
  • Health metrics to measure
  • Number of times per day you think about food
  • Avoiding sugar and using portion control

Featured Guest

Jessee Naylor



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