104: Kevin Kearns on How To Train Like an Ultimate MMA Fighter

Apr 06

Coach Kevin Kearns has been working in the fitness field for 28 years. He is best known for creating the Burn With Kearns system for MMA conditioning. This system he uses to work with 15 UFC fighters and adapted to other sports and the general population. Why? Because fighters are fit.

He has been traveling the globe certifying people in his system. To reach more people he recently launches his certification system online. Kevin also launched his online training program,, a digital platform dedicated to the 40+ user.

Outside of his fitness programs and certifications, Kevin is the author of “Always Picked Last: Conquering the Bullies – A Guide to Finding Your Way in Life”. He has been a featured guest on several news outlets, as well as elementary schools to help put an end to bullying.

In this episode, Kevin Kearns talks about:

  • Coach Kevin’s story
  • Being bullied
  • Gaining strength and confidence through fitness
  • Achieving a physical transformation through a college major
  • Hobby –> Lifestyle –> Career/Business
  • The Fitness Connection
  • Pitfalls of gym ownership
  • Burn with Kearns
  • Riding the UFC wave
  • Becoming a UFC Fighter Coach
  • Building the core up first
  • Burning calories and boosting self-confidence
  • Gas in a Tank protocol
  • Train like an Ultimate MMA Fighter
  • Fun in hitting stuff
  • In-school programs for kids
  • Why hitting something is good
  • Get Fit Without Getting Hit
  • Consistency and commitment = results in 8 weeks
  • Fitness for 40+ community
  • Exercise equipment

Featured Guest

Kevin Kearns


Burn with Kearns
Burn with Kearns Online
Beach Bod Transformation
Kevin’s Book

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