103: Stephanie Raffelock on Embracing the Positives of Aging

Mar 30

Stephanie Raffelock is an advocate for the positive potential of aging. She proves that women aren’t finished living their best lives at 50, 60 and beyond, but instead, hold to the promise to become the wise elders of our culture.

Stephanie celebrates age and shows how it’s a privilege to grow old — how every single day is a gift. “Peter Pan’s mantra was that he was never going to grow up. My mantra is that we never stop growing.”

Stephanie is the host of the Coffee Table Wisdom podcast, promoting healthy aging in body, mind, and spirit. As an author and blogger, she writes about universal, life-transforming forces – grief, gratitude, loss, and love.

Stephanie’s book A Delightful Little Book on Aging is set for release on April 28, 2020, through She Writes Press. A graduate of Naropa University in Writing and Poetics, Stephanie has penned articles for numerous publications, including The Aspen Times, The Rogue Valley Messenger, Nexus Magazine, Omaha Lifestyles,, and

In this episode, Stephanie Raffelock talks about:

  • Stephanie’s story
  • Privilege of aging
  • New aspects of aging
  • Fear of aging
  • Advertising’s influence on aging
  • Releasing “older”
  • Challenges of aging
  • Undercurrent of healthy aging
  • Diet for alkalinity and inflammation
  • Moving body daily
  • Attitude and thoughts contributing to aging
  • Helping our parents age gracefully
  • Pain as motivation
  • Stephanie’s daily routine
  • Starting with “thank you”
  • Dogs as great human trainers
  • Workouts
  • Having an “encore career”
  • The importance of purpose
  • The Positive Aging Movement
  • Owning your age
  • Hollywood embracing aging
  • Adaptability
  • Cooking as an art
  • Getting Stephanie’s book
  • Coffee Table Wisdom podcast

Featured Guest

Stephanie Raffelock


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