101: David Roseberry on Benefits for Doing Good Deeds

Mar 16

David Roseberry is the CEO of Proxy Score. Proxy Score’s mission is to help people who are often forgotten. They provide a platform where members can build their life’s legacy and purpose through publishing and documenting their service and generosity.

Much like how a credit score works, members can post acts of service to add points to their Proxy service score. This simple yet innovative company will help combat our addiction to electronics and social media by encouraging members to think of others.

Documenting and scoring members’ services isn’t the only benefit of Proxy Score. Business partners can advertise with Proxy Score by making a business profile that will motivate members to make a difference in the community – for example, by giving discounts to members with high scores, much like how senior citizen and military discounts work.

Businesses can also use Proxy Score for job applicants, to help with character identification other than relying solely on outdated one-page resumes. Non-profits can also use the service to recruit volunteers and bring more light to their mission.

Come be a part of the ground grounding movement of Proxy and help us help others find their happiness. Proxy Score, “Where a number is worth more than 1,000 words.”

In this episode, David Roseberry talks about:

  • What is Proxy Score
  • How and why Dave founded the company
  • Mental health improvement through acts of service
  • Being happy with your skills
  • Listening to self-help
  • Incentive system to think of others
  • Service-scoring platform
  • How employers search for employees
  • Current employment statistics
  • Mental health statistics among youth
  • Doing things that fill your soul
  • Getting a Proxy Score
  • Building the score
  • Finding volunteer opportunities
  • Discounts offered to Proxy Score individuals
  • Being a Public Benefit Company
  • Pitching to Shark Tank

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