098: Lauren Unger on Living In Alignment with Your Highest Self

Feb 17

Lauren Unger is a spiritual coach and energetic healer. For her, holding space for her clients and guiding them in their journey is her deepest passion and her true calling. According to Lauren:

“Whether I am coaching one on one clients or groups, hosting workshops or sound baths or hosting in-person healing sessions I am fully lit up. I remember the beginning of my awakening and how lonely it was. I sought like-minded individuals who would understand what I was going through but they were few and far between and that is why I have created what it is that I do.

I believe we are our own greatest healer and what we transmute and heal within ourselves we can then offer to others.

Each piece of my work I deeply integrate into my cells and DNA before I share it with others. From holy fire reiki to mastery of the akashic records to sound healing, Karuna reiki to studying and being initiated as a shaman to now be deep-diving into releasing stress and trauma from our physical body and organs with the work of true body intelligence I have become a student of life. I follow the path that is laid out for me, I take the work and opportunities seriously, I study, I implement and then I share and teach.”

In this episode, Lauren Unger talks about:

  • How spiritual work found Lauren
  • Becoming a medium
  • Reiki
  • Holy Fire Reiki
  • Spiritual Awakenings
  • Chakras
  • How chakras become imbalanced
  • Immediate healing
  • Soul awakening
  • How long healing lasts
  • Releasing stress from the organs
  • Body of Light work
  • Distance reiki
  • Favorite transformation stories
  • Reiki and fertility
  • Importance of mindset
  • Blocking our abilities to receive
  • How healing ourselves heals others
  • Intentionality of healing
  • Guidance through a healing journey
  • Sound healing
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Journaling
  • Reiki as natural healing and immunity

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Lauren Unger


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