097: Ben Azadi on From Toxic Fat to Totally Fantastic

Feb 10

In 2008, Ben Azadi went through a personal health transformation after getting rid of 80 pounds of toxic fat. Ever since, Ben Azadi, FDN-P, has been on a mission to help 1 billion people live a healthier lifestyle.

Ben is the author of three best-selling books, The Perfect Health Booklet, The Intermittent Fasting Cheat Sheet, and The Power of Sleep. Ben has been the go-to source for intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet.

He is known as ‘The Health Detective’ because he investigates dysfunction, and he educates, not medicates, to bring the body back to normal function. Ben is the founder of Keto Kamp; a global brand bringing awareness to ancient healing strategies such as the keto diet and fasting.

Ben is the founder of Keto Kamp, host of a top 15 podcast, The Keto Kamp Podcast; and the fast-growing Keto Kamp YouTube channel.

In this episode, Ben Azadi talks about:

  • Ben’s personal journey
  • Addictions and Toxic Fat
  • Mental Health
  • “Books saved my life”
  • “I am responsible”
  • Weight loss vs. health gain
  • Going vegan
  • Vegan Crossfit
  • Transitioning to keto
  • Eating pork for the first time
  • Raw dairy
  • Transitioning from vegan to keto
  • “Keto-flexing”
  • What Ben eats now
  • Diet evolution
  • The problem with the popularity of keto
  • Keto is not a diet
  • Mimicking ancestral eating
  • Keto and fasting as a muscle
  • Toxic fuel sources
  • Transitioning into keto
  • Eating bitters
  • Importance of bile
  • Bitter-rich foods
  • Keto after gallbladder surgery
  • Using MCT oil and other supplements
  • Release of toxins
  • PPARY pathology
  • Bio-chemical individuals
  • Keto Kamp’s mission
  • Keto Kamp Academy
  • Importance of Mindset
  • Self-love, loving others, gratitude
  • Ben’s mindset practice
  • The significance of the number 150,000

Featured Guest

Ben Azadi


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Keto Kamp Academy
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