095: Janice King on Plant Nutrition to Protect Your Smile

Jan 27

For the past two decades, Janice King has carried out extensive research on oral health and its connection to systemic diseases.

Together with co-founder Dale Winetroub, Janice developed a breakthrough patented oral therapeutics system: TRI-OLOGY (used and recommended by dentists for 10 years). “TRI-OLOGY” technology addresses a key risk factor linked to chronic diseases – inflammation.

A published study, “Comparison of Antimicrobial and Wound Healing Agents on Oral Fibroblast Viability and In-vivo Bacterial Load,” identifies a cause of oral inflammation linked to periodontal disease and systemic diseases. The study identifies how TRIOLOGY® can prevent, repair and protect oral tissues from inflammation.

Janice and Dale also opened the first non-dental mouth care center in the United States, where they spent 4 years studying the effects oral hygiene products, medicine, stress, age, health status and lifestyle have on oral health.

With a grant from the National Science Foundation, they are currently leading the TRI-OLOGY team in researching how family members of individuals diagnosed with age-related Alzheimer’s Disease feel about the disease and what they are doing to reduce their risk factors. They’re on a mission to educate others on the critical role the health of the mouth plays on the health of the entire body.

In this episode, Janice King talks about:

  • Damaging your gums with daily actions
  • Proper flossing techniques
  • Death due to gum damage
  • Danger of current dental hygiene recommendations
  • Gram negative Bacteria
  • Keeping bacteria in the mouth
  • Chronic inflammation cytotoxins
  • Systemic health begins in the mouth
  • Bacteria causing inflammatory disease
  • Sharing bacteria and the gut microbiome
  • Changes in saliva at age 40
  • How medications change saliva
  • Saliva as the gatekeeper for gum health
  • Stress as a key factor for poor oral health
  • Maternal age and child oral health
  • Oral bacteria during pregnancy and infant mortality
  • The importance of oral health during pregnancy
  • Oral bacteria overgrowth and strokes
  • Oral bacteria and brain health
  • Avoiding oral hygiene products with man-made chemicals
  • Water flossing
  • Baby toothbrushes
  • Managing stress for oral health
  • Supplementing saliva for systemic health
  • How the body absorbs synthetic substances
  • Formulation of Tri-Ology products
  • Oral wound-healing agent
  • Dental appointment preparation
  • Killing cells when killing bacteria
  • % of Americans with periodontal disease
  • Oral disease and reproductive health

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