094: Dr. Heather L. Cardin on Ketosis for Brain and Metabolic Health

Jan 20

Dr. Heather L. Cardin has been practicing alongside her husband, Dr. Ralph S. Cardin, for the past 20+ years. Besides being a passionate practitioner, she is a mother of four boys.

She is active in her church, her children’s school, chair of Low Carb Keto KC, Keto Rebook Coach and Keto Specialist for the company Pruvit. She has traveled globally educating on the benefits of ketones, exogenous ketones, intermittent fasting & metabolic flexibility.

Dr. Heather received her Doctorate of Chiropractic from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City in 1997. Drs. Heather and Ralph opened their first chiropractic and wellness office in her home town of Paola, Kansas in 1998. She is now currently practicing in Overland Park, Kansas.

Her patients benefit from her knowledge and expertise, drawing from her extensive training in diagnostic technology, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture and nutrition. Dr. Heather has extended the scope of chiropractic treatment into physical, mental and chemical aspects of the patient’s health challenges.

She has extensive experience in chiropractic case management, family care, sports injuries, herbology, kinesiology and nutrition. Dr. Heather is a passionate practitioner who utilizes many techniques in order to promote wellness in her patients.

In this episode, Dr. Heather L. Cardin talks about:

  • Multi-disciplined treatments
  • Therapeutic ketones
  • How the body makes its own ketones
  • Definition of ketosis
  • Developing ketones for Navy SEALS
  • Why and how to use exogenous ketones
  • Why some people have trouble getting into ketosis
  • Ketones as a bridge to ketogenesis
  • The Carb Flu
  • How long energy lasts after taking ketones
  • Testing for ketones
  • When to take ketones
  • Ketones for sleep
  • Therapeutic ketones for brain health
  • Sleep as a secret weapon for overall health
  • Slipping out of ketosis when stressed
  • Higher level of ketones for extra healing
  • “Operation Torrent” documentary
  • “Broken brains”
  • Suicide and brain health
  • Changing your DNA
  • Clean nutrition
  • Ketones post-diagnosis
  • Ketones vs. Glucose as an energy source
  • Developing a tolerance to ketones and MCT oil
  • Determining how much ketones and MCT oil to take
  • Keeping calories down with quality MCT oil
  • Eating vegetables on a ketogenic diet
  • Ketones are not a substitute for diet
  • Choosing ketones the body can absorb
  • Autoimmune keto

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Dr. Heather L. Cardin


Operation Torrent Film

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