092: Jeannette Bessinger on Life and Food in Flow

Jan 06

Jeannette Bessinger is on a national mission to serve educators, business professionals, spiritual seekers and all the other women who are tired of feeling trapped by their aching, overweight bodies and painful, self-destructive mindsets.

Men and women age very differently, and the majority of health & fitness data today is deeply male-biased. 95% of “healthy eating systems” do not take a woman’s fluctuating hormones into account at all. As a result, thousands of women are giving up on improving their health, energy, and weight.

They are frustrated with the ineffectiveness of the diet industry and unsatisfied with the overly-simplistic advice of their medical professionals to “sleep more and eat fewer calories.”

By overturning the flawed paradigm that drives the way we think about women’s health and wellness in this country, Jeannette paves the way for a shift in consciousness that allows us to reclaim our power as strong women and beacons of light for everyone in our circles.

With a unique combination of humorous, real-life stories and rich, practical content, Jeannette taps into decades of experience to build MeBoot, a groundbreaking program designed to help women understand the deep interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit, and better negotiate their fitness, food, and mood beyond the childbearing years.

Engaging and inspiring, Jeannette generates profound “ah-ha” experiences among women, awakening them to the possibility of life “in the Flow.”

In this episode, Jeannette Bessinger talks about:

  • When the hormonal shift starts to happen
  • When doing what has “always worked” suddenly stops working
  • Lack of research for women’s health over 40
  • The difference in aging in men vs. women
  • HRT therapy risks
  • Environmental contributions to menopause experience
  • Xeno-estrogens
  • Accepted levels of stress and the effect on our health
  • Understanding cortisol levels
  • The cortisol and progesterone relationship
  • The cultural fight against menopause
  • Stepping into power to age gracefully
  • Tips for reducing cortisol
  • Elimination diet
  • Walking and restorative exercise
  • Walking post-workout for decompression
  • “Forest bathing”
  • “Natural Solutions for Digestive Health” book
  • Rest-based HIIT training
  • Reconnecting with your body from the inside out
  • Making the mental shift to allowing yourself to rest
  • Vegucation
  • Increasing fiber content as we age to flush out the liver
  • Swap out comfort foods for veggie-forward ones
  • Women taking care of themselves while taking care of their families
  • Finding staple dishes that families love and that are good for their aging bodies
  • Vegucating over time
  • Importance of making food taste good
  • A freebie for Straight-Up Wellness listeners!

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Jeannette Bessinger


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