089: Jonathan Posey on Our Right to Choose Wellness

Dec 16

Jonathan Posey is the Founder, Executive, and Policy Director for the Council of Holistic Health Educators. He brings over a decade of experience in lobbying, public policy, and grassroots activism in food and consumer safety.

Jonathan began his career on Capitol Hill as a congressional aide, then moved to the private sector as a lobbyist, representing food and consumer safety firms, as well as other healthcare and technology interests.

Recognizing the need for an organization that exclusively represented the interests of the holistic health and nutrition community, Jonathan created a coalition of like-minded holistic schools to protect the practice of holistic health. This coalition grew to become the Council.

In this episode, Jonathan Posey talks about:

  • What is “holistic health”
  • Non-disease based model
  • The whole person – the whole body
  • Healing the whole body
  • Protecting holistic health
  • Delaying going to the doctor
  • Competition from dietician lobbyists
  • Licenses to talk about food and nutrition
  • Red states
  • Dietetics Industrial Complex
  • Holistic Practitioners – what we do/do not do
  • States with no nutrition laws
  • Health as a team effort
  • In-fighting among holistic educators
  • Policies for supplement and direct sales companies
  • Coaching on how to take supplements
  • Laws for lab testing and results
  • Direct access testing
  • Working together for a common concern
  • Bio-individuality
  • Ongoing education and networking for holistic health educators
  • The Health Coach in Florida who was sued
  • Florida nutritional assessment
  • Institute for Justice
  • District Courts
  • Friend of the Court
  • Getting schools involved in the Council
  • Reading every state’s nutrition law to keep yourself and your practice safe

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Jonathan Posey


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