085: Nevada Gray on Triumph Over Injury with Nutrition and Fitness

Nov 18

Nevada Gray is a pharmacist and registered nurse, with 20 years of direct patient care experience. After suffering a rare spinal cord injury in 2016, called cauda equina syndrome, Nevada utilized a paleolithic ketogenic diet and became a NASM certified personal trainer during her 2-year recovery.

In 2018, Nevada started her company THE PALEO PHARMACIST LLC after becoming an accidental Instagram Influencer and established herself as a ketogenic lifestyle expert helping others return to a life of health & purpose with her coaching services, eBooks and online programs.

Affectionately called ‘the Gary Vee of KETO/Carnivore’, Nevada is widely sought after for her talent in social media marketing, branding, website design and content creation by small and large scale businesses looking to expand their influence & impact in eCommerce.

In April of 2019, Nevada co-founded the Mind Body Breakthroughs Network with her dear friend Chris Donohue, a progressive media company by the people, for the people, connecting people in business and health. They also co-host the Mind Body Breakthroughs Podcast and FREE accompanying community helping others achieve Breakthroughs in their lives to health and purpose. Nevada is currently working on her first book, set to release this fall.

Nevada can be found on her popular Instagram account, at The Paleo Pharmacist, and as a recent guest on podcasts: CarnivoreCast, Dr. Paul Saladino MD, HPO, Jimmy Moore, Fast Keto, Inner Fire Podcast and The PrimalLifestyle Podcast.

In this episode, Nevada Gray talks about:

  • Nevada’s personal journey
  • PCOS and metabolic health struggles
  • Evolving who you are based on what you’re learning and how you’re living
  • Paleo low carb diet
  • Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • Waking up paralyzed
  • Symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • How to fully recover from Cauda Equina Syndrome
  • Nevada’s road to recovery
  • Finding encouragement through Shawn Stevenson’s journey
  • Multifactorial conditions leading to Nevada’s injury
  • Correcting muscle imbalances
  • Implementing a sleep protocol
  • Cravings during recovery
  • Hydration for recovery
  • Keto for neurodegenerative repair
  • Starting very high fat keto
  • “Cheating” with protein
  • Feeling good without vegetables
  • Nightshade toxicity
  • Removing seeds and skin from vegetables
  • High lectin foods
  • “The Plant Paradox” book
  • Plant-based pharmaceutical side effects
  • Oxalates
  • 3 factors for autoimmune conditions
  • Foods while eating 80% fat
  • Listening to your body
  • Food families and drug compounds
  • Elimination dieting
  • High lectin plants and insulin resistance
  • Going full-blown carnivore
  • Personal benefits of going carnivore
  • Weight loss stalls with traditional keto
  • The fiber myth
  • The gut and gas
  • How quickly the microbiome changes
  • Evolving personal carnivore
  • Nevada’s typical food menu
  • Supplement-free
  • Biggest mistakes when starting carnivore
  • Timing foods with circadian rhythm
  • Weight loss without loose skin
  • Carnivore and insulin resistance
  • Gluconeogenesis as a demand-driven process
  • Carnivore for women
  • Why women gain weight on carnivore
  • Quality of proteins – important or not?
  • Tracking – necessary?
  • Why lower ketone numbers are good
  • Oxidative Priority Theory
  • Transitioning into carnivore
  • Food journaling for food addiction and inflammation
  • Carnivore eliminating cravings

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Nevada Gray


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Kate Jaramillo: Creator of Ketogenic Living 101, 102, Straight-Up Wellness & Keto Living Coach Certification. Wellness Advocate & Badass.