083: Betty Jean Bell on You Are a Babe (right now!)

Nov 04

Betty Jean Bell, founder of, has helped successful women around the world to lose weight, improve their health, and love their bodies now, regardless of shape, all while running their businesses, families, and lives.

She believes that when you love the body you have, it becomes the body you want.

With her radically transformative program You Are A Babe, and with a badass army of ambitious, inspiring women in 20 countries, Betty Jean Bell helps entrepreneurial women transform their confidence, body image, and health with meaningful science, psychology, spirituality, and uncommon action that works.

In this episode, Betty Jean Bell talks about:

  • Personal journey
  • Being bullied for a body
  • Leaning on food and future success for comfort and worth
  • Idea that “success = safety”
  • Believing that we need to look a certain way to be loved
  • Being mute for 18 months
  • What do YOU need to make yourself feel good
  • Your brain and your body love you
  • Focus on feeling good right now at the moment
  • The problem with “someday” goals
  • The beliefs that keep women stuck
  • Getting what you want with what you have right now
  • Mastering your mind
  • The “fixing” mentality
  • Thought habits
  • Mantras over affirmations
  • Reprogramming the neuropathways
  • Retraining the brain to celebrate yourself
  • Being uncomfortable with change
  • Honoring your own dream
  • Transformation requires a peer group that is on the same path as you
  • The team mentality
  • What is precious is a priority
  • Not taking “no” as an answer
  • Overhauling the “You Are A Babe” 1- week program
  • Ending body hatred
  • Reclaiming power around beauty
  • Finding self-confidence through Instagram
  • Learning how to take beautiful photos
  • Importance of external beauty to seeing yourself with love

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Betty Jean Bell


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