079: Matt Walrath on Looking Beyond Macros

Oct 07

Matt Walrath is the founder of Beyond Macros Nutrition coaching and creator of the Beyond Macros Coach Certification.

After receiving his Bachelor’s degree, Matt entered the fitness industry coaching CrossFit and teaching nutrition seminars at the gym. Through years of experience working with clients of all levels and backgrounds, Matt realized he could make the biggest impact in an individual’s overall health through leveraging nutrition strategies.

Over the last four years, Matt has developed a nutrition coaching methodology for creating sustainable transformations in clients, along with systems for training coaches to do the same. This methodology and these systems are exactly what he teaches in the Beyond Macros Coach Certification program.

In this episode, Matthew Walrath talks about:

  • How Matt started out in the fitness business
  • After the honeymoon phase of owning your business
  • Feeling like you have to use your degree
  • How to identify an energy vampire in your life
  • The “protection purge”
  • Building resilience
  • How energy vampires affect overall wellness
  • The “attack mind”
  • How mental health affects physical health transformations
  • Cortisol gets a bad rap
  • Sleep for whole body health
  • Centralizing fat storage
  • Difference between building resilience and being desensitized
  • Tips for developing a healthy mindset
  • Your results in life are your own choices
  • Difficult clients as your best teachers
  • Being able to identify your ideal client as a business owner
  • Feeling like a difficult client

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Matthew Walrath


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