075: Glenn Livingston on Never Binge Again

Sep 09

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D. is a veteran psychologist and was the long time CEO of a multi-million dollar consulting firm which has serviced several Fortune 500 clients in the food industry.

You may have seen his (or his company’s) previous work, theories, and research in major periodicals like The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The Indiana Star Ledger, The NY Daily News, American Demographics, or any of the other major media outlets you see on this page. You may also have heard him on ABC, WGN, and/or CBS radio, or UPN TV.

Disillusioned by what traditional psychology had to offer overweight and/or food obsessed individuals, Dr. Livingston spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating via work with his own patients AND a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants.
Most important, however, was his own personal journey out of obesity and food prison to a normal, healthy weight and a much more lighthearted relationship with food.
After today’s interview you are definitely going to want to grab a copy of his book: Never Binge Again: Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person…on the Food Plan of Your Choice!

In this episode, Glenn Livingston talks about:

  • Dr. Livingston’s personal journey
  • Psychology behind eating
  • Obsessive thoughts about food
  • Reptilian brain
  • Components of processed foods
  • Super-sized stimuli
  • Emotional triggers for sweet, salty, and soft, chewy carbs
  • Mentally justifying cravings
  • Making food rules that you can live with
  • Drawing a line between constructive and destructive thoughts about food
  • Two types of deprivation
  • Tips for journaling and creating food rules
  • Creating rules that support mindfulness
  • Challenging the “pig” to prevent the element of surprise
  • Planning to eat for specific events
  • Character trumps willpower
  • “I’m the kind of person who…”
  • Developing a dual mindset
  • The problem with aiming for progress instead of perfection
  • Why it’s important to yell at yourself
  • How to update your food rules
  • Reprogramming yourself to think like a permanently thin person
  • Decision fatigue
  • Rules vs. Guidelines for dangerous trigger points
  • Addiction to dieting
  • The “biological error” concept
  • Drugs in our food
  • The one thing you can do right now to stop binging

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Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.


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