071: Matt Gallant on Cyclical Keto for Lifelong Strength and Wellness

Aug 12

Matt Gallant is a poker champion, an ex-rock guitarist, a serial entrepreneur (who’s built 13 companies in the last 20 years), a strength and conditioning coach with a degree in kinesiology, and the CEO and co-founder of a company called BiOptimizers.

BiOptimizers has been optimizing digestion since 2004. Their mission is to discover, present, and share supplement products and health strategies backed by cutting-edge research that leads to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

BiOptimizers creates products to empower their customers to achieve an optimal state of well-being in the body, mind, and soul, which the company holistically defines as BiOptimization. Over the past 15 years, BiOptimizers have helped people find natural solutions for difficult digestive problems.

In this episode, Matt Gallant talks about:

  • Matt’s 26-year journey with the ketogenic diet
  • Cyclical keto
  • Sustainability of keto
  • Three key milestones in a ketogenic journey: 2 weeks, 3 months, 1 year
  • First two weeks are ideal for keto products such as ketone salts, esters, and kApex
  • What causes keto digestive issues
  • Combating low energy on keto
  • Carb loading 1X per week
  • Calorie loading for hormone optimization
  • How long to be strict keto before attempting a carb-load
  • The dual-fuel concept
  • Matt’s workout schedule
  • Choosing calorie goals for refeed days
  • What to consume on refeed days
  • Why inflammation blocks fat loss
  • Supplements for blood sugar regulation, and how and went to take them
  • Tips to stay healthy while traveling
  • Combating food poisoning and parasites
  • Combating hangovers
  • Cleansing parasites
  • Viome to test gut biome to choose the foods to eat
  • Importance of testing your body before blindly following a diet

Featured Guest

Matt Gallant


Parasite Rex: Inside the Bizarre World of Nature’s Most Dangerous Creatures
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