069: Taylor Johnson on Esports: Innovative Technology for Optimizing Performance, in Gaming and in Life.

Jul 29

Taylor Johnson has an incredible mind when it comes to looking at all aspects of performance. He came from collegiate and professional sport, including the NFL San Francisco 49ers, and has become laser-focused on utilizing his insights to create and support performance cultures from the ground up in gaming and esports.

He stands for promoting health and wellness to millions of people worldwide through esports. His work includes building comprehensive programs and initiatives in training, research, and education for professional esport organizations, consulting esport startups on go-to market strategies, and designing performance training camps for all ages.

Taylor has both a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science and Rehabilitation and a Bachelor’s in Exercise Biology as well as certifications in strength and conditioning training, corrective exercise, nutrition, and sports performance.

In this episode, Taylor Johnson talks about:

  • What are eSports
  • Evolution of eSports
  • How do eSports help promote health and wellness among children
  • Encouraging gamers to move and eat healthy
  • 3 things holding gamers back from healthy movement
  • Shaping the training environment
  • Overuse injuries and prevention
  • eSports scholarship opportunities
  • Demographics
  • Burnout
  • Toxic Environments
  • Improving communication
  • Getting started – best games
  • eSports communities
  • Most important tips for parents
  • Where our listeners can find and follow

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