068: Cameron George on The Calming Health Benefits of Kava

Jul 22

Cameron George is the co-founder of Kavaplex, a ready-to-use full-spectrum kava oil.

Cameron became ill in 2009 with a severe autoimmune condition while in his second year of college at the University of Arkansas. An avid distance runner, this seemingly-normal 19 year-old began spiraling into an immune/nervous system crash leaving him weak, tired and unmotivated.

The next few years were horrific as his health and mental cognition steadily declined. Going from doctor to doctor in various cities throughout the country, medication to medication…nothing was helping.

He was running out of foods that he could eat and now he was running out of water choices. Just when things seemed to be at rock bottom the unthinkable happened…his body began to refuse all food AND water. Everything that touched his lips caused his body to go into convulsions and he was unable to eat or drink for 12 days.

While researching on the internet he found stories and podcasts of Dr. Dan Pompa of Park City, Utah. Upon contacting Dr. Pompa the family was fortunate to have him sign on as Cameron’s health coach to teach him how to cleanse and feed his body so his body could then heal itself.

He and Dr. Pompa discussed trying Kava in various forms to potentially calm his nervous system and reduce the severity of reactions. It was not overnight, it took time and it tasted awful, but it was working beautifully!

Cameron’s return to health embedded in him a burning desire to share this path to health with everyone who needs it. Today his goal is to help the millions that are suffering, by using the root of the amazing kava plant.

In this episode, Cameron George talks about:

  • Cameron’s personal health journey
  • What is Kava?
  • Properly extracting kava for effectiveness
  • Noble kavas
  • Main benefits of kava
  • Kava for fasting and ketosis
  • The interesting taste of kava
  • How do you take it?
  • Cumulative effect
  • Testing kava
  • Anyone who should not take kava?
  • Where to find and follow Cameron

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Cameron George


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