066: Laura Rupsis on Ancestral Living for Optimal Health and Fitness

Jul 08

Laura Rupsis is a CrossFit affiliate owner and trainer, Nutrition/Health Coach and Primal Lifestyle Resource. Laura is committed to coaching others into a healthy, real food, holistic lifestyle that best suits the unique metabolic and lifestyle needs of each individual.

After spending 20 years in finance, Laura adopted an Ancestral diet and lifestyle in her journey
to get well after battling a mysterious chronic illness that, to this day, was never diagnosed. The
diagnosis proved to be irrelevant when ditching inflammatory foods, managing stress, sleeping
and moving more proved to be the cure.

She earned her first health coach certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2012 where she studied over 100 different dietary theories. Based on her personal experience and years of independent research, she quickly learned that there are NOT 100 VALID dietary theories and an “Ancestral” approach to diet and lifestyle was the most effective.

Laura found CrossFit in 2012 in an effort to find a whole body, fully functional fitness program and fell in love with it. It is also where Laura met and married CrossFit trainer Brad Rupsis. In 2014 Laura and Brad opened Absolution CrossFit in La Grange, IL.

Laura also aligned herself with the Primal Health Coach Certification program in 2014. As a
matter of fact, Laura believed in the Ancestral lifestyle so much, she joined the Primal HealthCoach Institute team in 2016. She is the admissions director, a staff coach to the communities
coaches and also co-hosts the Health Coach Radio podcast.

On top of all this, as a working mother of 4 children, Laura understands the demands of today’s
busy lifestyle and the detrimental impact the dietary choices so many of us make in the interest
of convenience.

Laura Certifications Include: CF Level 1, MovNat L1, IIN Certified Health Coach, Certified Primal
Health Coach.

In this episode, Laura Rupsis talks about:

  • What is the Ancestral Lifestyle?
  • Biggest reason we are fat, sick, unhealthy
  • What is your own story behind adopting this way of eating and living?
  • What is the difference between Primal, Paleo and Keto?
  • Is organic required for Primal?
  • What are some of the major health benefits of a primal diet?
  • What is the best resource for more information on the primal lifestyle?
  • Tell us about Primal Health Coach Institute – what it is, how it works, who it’s for
  • Where can we go to become a Primal Health Coach?

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Laura Rupsis


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