065: P. Brendon Lundburg on The Future of Chronic Pain Treatment

Jul 01

With a vision to build the safest, most consistently effective and appealing solution to the epidemic of chronic pain, Brendon Lundburg co-founded Radiant Pain Relief Centres. The centers use FDA approved and Mayo Clinic tested treatment for chronic pain called Scrambler Therapy, a chronic pain solution that will not result in addiction.

Brendon combines his mission to change the way chronic pain is treated with deep experience in healthcare management, marketing, business development, and sales.

Prior to opening the first center in 2014, Brendon played key operational and business development roles for the Portland Business Journal and Inc. Magazine, and was the Director of Sales and Marketing for another Portland-based medical device start-up. Brendon holds a BS in business marketing and an MBA.

In this episode, P. Brendon Lundburg talks about:

  • How big is the chronic pain problem?
  • What do most people think is the reason why they are suffering from chronic pain?
  • What is actually the reason behind chronic pain?
  • How is this issue contributing to the opioid epidemic?
  • How does Radiant’s Scrambler Therapy work?
  • Is there anyone who is not a candidate for Radiant’s Scrambler Therapy?
  • What is the journey of an average client?
  • Where are your centers located?
  • What role does personal development play in health transformation?
  • Where can we find and follow you for treatment advice?
  • Should we move if we’re in pain?
  • Tip for listeners dealing with chronic pain

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P. Brendon Lundburg


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