062: Ben Knox and Brandon Mackie on Clean, Real-Food Keto Snacks and Drinks

Jun 10

Ben Knox and Brandon Mackie are the founders of Keto Farms, a fast-growing online food company that provides clean, on-the-go foods for healthy living.

They have a “from the Earth” philosophy: real foods, simple/natural ingredients, and no sweeteners or additives of any kind. Keto Farms uses only the highest quality ingredients, obsessing over the origin and story behind each one.

They have two product lines, instant Keto Beverages and ready-to-enjoy Keto Snack Mix.

In this episode, Ben Knox and Brandon Mackie talk about:

  • What motivated them to found Keto Farms
  • How their ingredients are sourced
  • The process behind coming up with the beverages and snack mixes
  • Why are sprouted nuts so important?
  • How Keto Farms products solve some of the biggest problems faced by those wanting to eat a well-formulated ketogenic diet
  • Where to purchase Keto Farms products
  • Resources available to consumers on the Keto Farms website

Featured Guest

Ben Knox and Brandon Mackie


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