061: Dr. Tom Incledon on Understanding your Physiology to Improve Health and Performance

Jun 03

Dr. Tom Incledon is a world-renowned expert in human health and performance is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Causenta Wellness and Cancer Treatment Center, where he’s bringing a unique approach to healthcare and cancer treatment that’s never been done before.

Throughout his career, Tom has revolutionized the way over 40,000 people have achieved their health and performance goals, and he’s seen it all. With Causenta, he is pioneering a new data-based approach to cancer treatment that combines “traditional” and non-conventional practices.

Tom holds multiple degrees in Management, Nutrition, Kinesiology, and a Ph.D. in Physiology. He’s also a member of 30+ scientific organizations, has trained at the Olympic level in weightlifting, and hosts a regular podcast on health, fitness, and cancer treatment.

In this episode, Tom Incledon talks about:

  • How Dr. Tom got into fitness and nutrition
  • Availability of testing
  • Cost of healthcare
  • Why we don’t run around like kids anymore
  • Getting the whole family on board
  • How diet trends begin
  • The marketing tactics behind diet books
  • What to do if you are doing everything right but still not healthy
  • Power and importance of sleep
  • Treating pain
  • The real make-up of the body
  • Food allergies as a sign of other health issues
  • Becoming a Master of Inner Body Awareness
  • Where to find and follow Dr. Tom

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Tom Incledon


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