059: Cory Conklin on Creative Keto Cooking: Spice Up Your Keto Meals

May 20

Cory Conklin is a husband, father and the Creative Keto Cook. For many years Cory has been eating a low carb diet off and on with some success.

At his highest, he weighed almost 280 lbs, and at his lowest, got down to 190 lbs. Unfortunately, it was not sustainable, and he got back up to over 230 lbs.

Right before Thanksgiving of 2017 Cory’s wife challenged him to lose weight, and on Thanksgiving day he started my journey on a Keto Lifestyle.

Cory grew concerned that the vast majority of spice blends that are available today have sugar as one of the main ingredients. Many of the spices and blends also have other ingredients in them such as anti-caking agents which do not work when living a Keto life.

In December of 2017 Cory decided to start Select Savory Seasonings to give people access to Fresh, Gourmet, Sugar Free, Additive Free, and Gluten Free Rubs, Spices, and Seasonings and to help them make good tasting food that is good for them.

As the Creative Keto Cook, Cory wants to show people that they can afford to eat Keto, that is it easy to cook Keto meals and that there are lots of food options when living the Keto Lifestyle.

In this episode, Cory Conklin talks about:

  • Cory’s story
  • Going keto with kids
  • Hardest part of adopting a ketogenic lifestyle
  • Common “complaints” from people getting started with Keto
  • How seasonings may cause weight loss stalls
  • Shelf life of seasonings
  • Select Savory Seasonings spice blends
  • Favorite ways to use spices

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Cory Conklin


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