057: Frank Llosa on KetoneAid: The Athlete’s Perfect Fuel

May 06

KetoneAid, Inc., founded by Frank Llosa, was created to leverage the incredible power of Ketones – The athlete’s perfect fuel. Our parallel path philosophy targets not only the elite professional athlete but the weekend warrior as well.

All athletes shall soon be able to safely and cost-effectively enjoy enough ketones necessary to experience for themselves the true power and record breaking potential of ketones. KetoneAid is relentless in continuing their R&D. Continuously identifying new techniques to further reduce costs to make a viable consumer product.

In this episode, Frank Llosa talks about:

  • Frank’s personal journey
  • Founding KetoneAid
  • Ketone esters vs. ketone salts
  • Benefits of using ketone esters
  • When and how to use ketone esters
  • Purchasing and following KetoneAid

Featured Guest

Frank Llosa


KetoneAid Website

About the Author

Kate Jaramillo: Creator of Ketogenic Living 101, 102, Straight-Up Wellness & Keto Living Coach Certification. Wellness Advocate & Badass.