054: Barb Vogel on Better Gut Health And A Better World, With Inner-Eco

Apr 15

Barb Vogel and Niki Price started inner-ēco in 2008. They were two elementary school teachers in Denver, with the desire to create healthy products and to provide humanitarian services globally and locally.

The duo knew that if the fresh coconut water probiotic worked for their gut issues, it could work for others. They believe in bringing real living food with clean ingredients to families of all sizes in order to create the necessary pure environments our bodies deserve.

Their ultimate mission is to be the champion of healthy, happy environments starting from the inside out. They are here to build better environments – for our guts and for fellow citizens of planet earth.

For the last 10 years, a portion of inner-ēco profits have gone toward freeing enslaved individuals around the world. They believe that keeping your gut bacteria in healthy balance is key for overall happiness.

In this episode, Barb Vogel talks about:

  • The humanitarian efforts that drove the creation of inner-eco
  • Barb’s personal health experiences and why she is so passionate about gut health
  • inner-eco’s all-natural, unprocessed ingredients
  • What happens on a global level when you purchase inner-eco products
  • How the whole family can use inner-eco products
  • AMAZING recipes
  • Where to find and purchase inner-eco products
  • Where to find and follow the company on social media

Featured Guest

Barb Vogel


Where to find Barb:

Shirley’s Website
Barb’s Website

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