053: Dane Williams on Transgender: A Journey Toward Emotional and Physical Well-Being

Apr 08

Dane Williams is a fully certified Ketogenic Coach and Transition Specialist, encouraging transitions fueled by fat through his company, Alter Keto.

His story is far from typical; it’s unique in so many ways. He was scared, alone and judged. But he knew he had to stand up for himself or he would lose himself forever.

Although the journey that he went through wasn’t easy, he resides in a place of gratitude, feeling blessed that he gets to share his life, and hopes to inspire the many others who are having a hard time figuring out who they really are.

Dane wants you to know that you don’t need anyone else’s approval to be who you want to be. Work on yourself and be a blessing to others. As long as you live by the values that you believe in, you will never go wrong.

In this episode, Dane Williams talks about:

  • Dane’s personal story of being born in a body he didn’t belong in
  • How Dane was able to avoid using testosterone therapy
  • The most common myths hurting the transgender community
  • How we can increase our understanding and compassion for those who are transitioning
  • Where to find and follow Dane

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Dane Williams


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