050: Dan Perryman on From Healthcare Executive to Low Carb Leader

Mar 18

Dan Perryman is the man behind The Low Carb & host of the Low Carb Leader Podcast. He’s a veteran of the US Navy, is a certified personal trainer, and has competed in a few physique competitions. Today Dan looks to inspire and motivate others to take control of their life and become a leader.

Dan believes in living a balanced life, finding something that inspires you and using this as motivation to further your own personal goals. He is inspired by helping and encouraging others, and by his three children, Jateum (28), Dan (24) and Bella (15).

In this episode, Dan Perryman talks about:

  • Dan’s personal story/journey
  • Hospital CEO – seeing how poor our health is
  • What prompted you to get into professional bodybuilding?
  • What was that experience like as far as your training and nutrition?
  • You looked amazing on the outside, but what was going on internally?
  • Signs of a tanking metabolism
  • Why did you decide to stop competing?
  • Was it hard to mentally shift the way you fueled your body and worked out?
  • Well-balanced keto
  • 17 positive changes in a year
  • Where can our listeners find/follow you?

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Dan Perryman


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