049: Chandler Walker on A Whole Health Approach to Relieving Autoimmunity and Chronic Pain

Mar 11

Chandler Walker has a degree in Biology and Biochemistry from the University of Nevada Reno. After specializing in microbiology and gut health he gained a passion for understanding the gut-brain connection, and specifically autoimmune-related cases.

From that, he began a personal training practice called StoneAgeFuel and his personal brand #ChansLogic. His mission is to help people find relief from chronic pain from lifestyle and genetic illness. He uses a whole health approach, and is devoted to finding the root cause of the problem – not simply trying to mask it.

Since 2010 Chandler has worked with thousands of people to find relief from cases like MS, fibromyalgia, type 2 diabetes, Hashimoto’s Disease, IBS and more.

In this episode, Chandler talks about:

  • Developing the burning passion for helping others
  • Hereditary gut health
  • Most common causes of chronic pain
  • Finding relief without relying completely on pharmaceuticals
  • Preventing chronic pain
  • Essential cholesterol
  • Resources and support
  • Find and follow Chandler

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Chandler Walker


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